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Villa Borghini

Villa Borghini evolve in the years with the target to remain at the forefront with the production system, with particular attention to the technological investment for the automation of production and the obtaining of the most important certification.
All the products formulated in our Production Department are tested for the maximum Safety of use and for the real Clinical Effectiveness by the most important Dermatological Universities of Italy (Siena University, Padova University and Ferrara University), as showed by all the original certifications and the whole university documentations indicated in our official document VB Technical Report and on our web site.

Moreover, industry-wide, our products are still today the only one to be certificated as bacteria charge free.
Between countless awards at national level and the most important certifications and registrations obtained by our products we would like to shortly remember the FDA-USA registration, the compliance with the Swiss Regulations, the SASO certification (Saudi Arabia Standards Organization) and also the compliance to the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) following the ISO regulations, 9000 series.
In the production area is made the design and realization of the prototype created, is tested in a pilot plant until to be produced in big reactors.

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Droplet Color Correctors

Droplet Color Correctors 10 ML

Hair Belecher

Hair Belecher 500 gr

Hair Color and Scalp Defens

Color and Scalp Defens The Range Offer a Choice of 42 Different Colors 100-15

System Developer Cosmetic

System Developer Cosmetic Volums 10, 20, 30 and 40
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