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Tekyatağanlı Agricultural Machinery

Tekyatağanlı Agricultural Machinery Industry and Trading Co. Was founded in 1975 by Ibrahim Gümüş. It has been operating for 37 years. The size of our company that we have, depends on the proportional contribution of technology as well as provide employ-ment. Our production staff provides about 50 people today. We are continuing to our production with our machinary equipments which are about 50 types at our plant, in-cluding four main groups.

We have been suplying additional efforts to the exporting potential of Konya with differ-ent trade marks. We have been working since 1994 to the present time for the aim of export-oriented. Age captures the notion of technology and quality by competing with the power sector to foreign companies abroad is an important export market for almost 20 years experience, our company has managed to reach.Exports in the North Africa, the Middle East, the Balkans and the Far East, including export to 25 countries around the four main centers.

Performance of exports and investments in Kazakhstan and Sudan in 2010 with manufac-turing project to achieve the highest point in Kazakhstan in 2012, our company succeed-ed in carrying. Know-How project in Sudan, in the same year by performing the transfer of technology in our industry on this issue has been the first.