About Us

Seven Markets UG is international trade company, which is based in Cologne-Germany. We can offer best brands, the best price in short Time and best quality.

We understand that companies of different sizes face different challenges and advantages. Our strategies are custom-tailored to your needs, whether you represent your products and Business, or export and import your products or corporation.

The Seven Markets wants to help traders make the most of global trading by making the information clear.

Trading with the wider world brings growth to the Asia, Africa and EU economy and jobs for workers.

This information is set out according to whether you are exporting or importing.


We advise you in customs procedure for import, as well as worldwide import regulation


We advise you on customs procedure, as well as worldwide export regulations. We provide information on export control procedures and possible embargoes. We support you in issues involving international contract law, foreign litigation and the European Union.


Our goal as your export & import consultants is to set up, enhance or expand your import or export operations globally in order to move your business forward and meet your most ambitious sales and business growth targets. No matter how extensive your import and export knowledge and experience is, at Seven Markets Global Partners there is suitable solution for you.


Our Mission is to develop long- term business relations with our customers based on trust and professional business ethics.

We pride ourselves on being able to source the best product at the best price and deliver it to you on time. To be quick, efficient, reliable and competitive.

To partner with our clients and build strong relationships and networks that are mutually beneficial and help to drive your business forward.

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