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Seven Markets now includes a variety of food products, such as tea, rice, meat, dairy products, beans and dried food. These products are carefully selected from high-quality sources in different parts of the world, including Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Pakistan, the United States, Brazil, New Zealand, Switzerland, the Netherlands and CIS countries. We constantly cooperate and negotiate with our large network of suppliers and distributors in order to provide a better experience for our customers. We emphasizes the friendship among co-workers and allows for new ideas to emerge. This rich culture and strong friendship are part of our core values. 

We believe that our commitment to providing quality food for our customers is the main reason for the steady growth of Seven Markets over the past decades. We are extremely proud that over this period, Seven Markets has revolutionized the food distribution industry in the region and our high standards in providing quality food have allowed customers to experience the real taste of food. However, we still have a long way to go. Our plans to achieve the founders' great vision on providing quality food by expanding to serve customers in existing and new markets.

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Iran Zafran

Best Zafran from Iran