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Picture of Anagen-Plus Hair Loss Treatment 120 days

Anagen-Plus Hair Loss Treatment 120 days

Anagen-Plus Hair Loss Treatment 120 days
Manufacturer: Villa Borghini


Anagen-Plus Hair Loss Treatment is a “diamond” product of VB Research Laboratories. 
The perfect synergy between Shampoo and Solution allowed to obtain a scientifically proven clinical success of 88% in androgenetic alopecia cases.
Tested in University seat comparing scientific before/after instrumental data and thanks to the combined action of its specific active ingredients,  it showed an insuperable and unique effectiveness worldwide.
Anagen-Plus Shampoo:
Thanks to the combination of specific active ingredients, Anagen-Plus Shampoo cleans and sanitizes very delicately all kind of hair and scalp. Also suitable for the most sensitive scalp. It makes your hair shiny, soft and easy to style.
Anagen-Plus Solution:
The Solution owes its success to the combined action of specific active ingredients in highly functional dosage , which ensures its clinical effectiveness. The combined use with Anagen-Plus Shampoo completes the action against hair loss. Not greasy and does not weight down hair.

Anagen-Plus Shampoo 250 ml
Anagen-Plus Solution 3 x 200 ml


Anagen-Plus Shampoo:
The product is formulated without perfumes, colours and thickening, for this reason it is liquid in all its purity.  We suggest to apply the shampoo directly on the hair.  To obtain a perfect result make two washes, massage until you get a rich lather and rinse-off perfectly.

Anagen-Plus Solution:
Apply daily 5 ml of Solution to the scalp with the special dropper, not only after the shampoo. Distribute the product across the scalp and not only where the hair loss problem is visible. Do not rinse the Solution, it is recommended to wait about 2 minutes before blow drying. 
If applied on dry hair, the Solution doesn’t greasy and doesn’t weigh down.
It dries quickly and does not leave residues.